The Candle Club

The Candle Club set Festival - Set of 10 Dinner candles 25cm

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Oh, what sweets!

This set of 10 colored dinner candles will make it all the way in your interior. Spring, summer, autumn or winter. Color is always good! No less than 120 hours of burning pleasure from this colorful set of candles.

The dinner candles come in 10 different colors and with a diameter of 2.2 cm they fit nicely in most candlesticks.

Tip to prevent wobbling and not to have to pick the last candle remnants out of your candlestick are our aluminum cups. You can find them here

These candles but also like some variation so that you can choose to complete your table styling? Then order a surprise me package, we will surprise you. Also with candles that you wouldn't even choose at first glance.

  • Made of paraffin
  • 12 burning hours
  • colored through and through
  • soot and drip-free

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