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The Candle Club Diner Candles Funky - 12 pieces

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This one Funky colored dinner candles set by The Candle Club is a joy to watch. The candles are conical, which means that they taper slightly upwards. The Candle Club dinner candles funky set is a beautiful set of 12 matte candles in the colors orange, light pink, pink & bordeaux. You will receive 3 candles of each color.

The candles are hand edited in Italy and give a beautiful flame by using the best cotton for the wick and the best paraffin.

We absolutely love candles at The Candle Club, they can be found in our shop in all shapes, sizes and colors.

This funky set from The Candle Club gives a warm and steady flame. Are you going for a relaxed atmosphere on the couch or private dining at your own dining table? With our candles you can easily bring a luxurious and romantic atmosphere into your home.

The Candle Club Diner Candles Funky consists of 12 candles. You will receive 3 candles of each color.

  • Quantity: 12 pieces
  • Burning hours: 7-8 o'clock
  • Dimension: ø2.2 x 25 cm
  • Material: Paraffin

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